Actor Michael Fassbender wins Best Actor at Venice for Fassdongy role – and the links this Tuesday

OK, shall we see what Tuesday has to offer? Err…, there is Michael Fassbender, Alicia Keys, LeAnn Rimes, Terrence Howard and Marion Cotillard all up to the usual. First, naturally, it’s Michael –

Michael Fassbender wins Best Actor at Venice for Fassdongy role. Instead of showing up in Toronto to promote A Dangerous Method with her costars, My Michael Fassbender went back to Venice to collect his Best Actor prize for Shame


Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys: also known as Lellow


Next it is Alicia Keys –

Is Swizz Beatz Cheating On Alicia Keys Already?. Even before insecure singer Alicia Keys married rap producer Swizz Beatz – and had a baby by him – she knew he couldn’t keep it in his pants


Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard: Terrence Dashon Howard (born March 11, 1969) is an American actor. Having his first major role in the 1995 film Mr. Holland’s Opus, which subsequently led to a number of roles in films and high visibility among African American audiences. Howard broke into the mainstream with a succession of well-reviewed television and film roles between 2004 and 2006. Among his roles in movies includes Winnie, Ray, Lackawanna Blues, Crash, Four Brothers, Hustle & Flow, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Idlewild, August Rush and The Brave One. Howard co-starred in Iron Man and reprised the role in the video game adaption.


Terrence Howard has also gotten into the press –

If You Call Terrence Howard’s Wife Again, He Will Cut Your Throat. Terrence Howard looks like a dapper, debonair gentleman who only farts into the finest of silk scarves and mostly speaks in a smooth cashmere tone of a Barry White after-cognac burp, but if you mess with his marriage, he will SERENA WILLIAMS out and kill you through the froat!


The very best of the rest:

“America caught the Contagion fever this weekend, earning Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, John Hawkes, Elliott Gould and Jude Law a first place spot at the box office” – [Contagion spreads, killing off box office competition –]
“Anyway, Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse is more or less validating my theory, because he told Anderson Cooper on his new daytime talk show that Amy actually died from a seizure she suffered from taking too much anti-alcoholism medication” – [Amy Winehouse detoxed herself to death? –]

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