Fassy & Zoe – and it’s Wednesday’s links

So, shall we have a look at what Wednesday has in terms of good links? Well, there is Dave Matthews, Marilyn Monroe, Alicia Keys, Donatella Versace and Petra Ecclestone all up to no good I imagine. For starters, needless to say, it’s Dave –

Fassy & Zoe. He spent time with Matthew Goode, he had his own conversations, she danced with Alia Shawkat and her friends, they’d drift back to each other once in a while, and then I stopped paying attention because Colin Farrell came in with Dave Matthews


Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe: also known as Norma Jeane DiMaggio


Second it is Marilyn Monroe –

Michelle Williams shines as Marilyn Monroe in October issue of Vogue. Channelling the late Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Williams graces the cover of the October issue of Vogue looking absolutelygorgeous


Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys: also known as Lellow


Alicia Keys has also gotten into the press –

Is Swizz Beatz Cheating On Alicia Keys Already?. Even before insecure singer Alicia Keys married rap producer Swizz Beatz – and had a baby by him – she knew he couldn’t keep it in his pants


The best of the rest:

“For one glorious, confusing moment, we – and, we later learned, everyone in the rows around us – thought this walking creamsicle had to be Donatella Versace” – [LOL: Lindsay Lohan mistaken for Donatella Versace! – popbytes.com]
“It was only a couple months ago that 22-year old British heiress and fashion designer Petra Ecclestone set the southern California real estate world on fire when she paid a titanically tumescent $85,000,0000 for Candy Spelling’s 55,000 square foot mega-mansion in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, CA” – [Monday Morsel: Tamara Ecclestone – realestalker.blogspot.com]
“After God showed us he existed by getting the executives at TLC to put Kate Plus 8 to bed forever, Jon Gosselin shimmied out of his douche cave to say that now is the time for Kate Gosselin to get a real job like he did and stop pushing their chirruns in front of the camera for a check” – [Kate Gosselin Is Fame Whoring For Her Kids, Okay? – www.dlisted.com]
“But if dude is a total sketchball who has nothing more to offer than arms than abs that rival Taylor Lautner’s he is lame.> Seventeen says: “Who will be there?”” – [Seventeen Says The Darndest Things: September Edition – collegecandy.com]

Image From: collegecandy.com

Image From: www.dlisted.com

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