Double Agent could have been Batman, says Ethan Hawke – plus Sunday’s other links

OK, shall we have a look at what Sunday has in terms of cool links? Well, there is Ethan Hawke, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Ron Artest and Lindsay Lohan. Most important, as you can imagine, it’s Ethan –

Ethan Hawke could have been Batman, says Ethan Hawke. As I mentioned before in the Uma Thurman post, Ethan Hawke has a new interview in Details Magazine


Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt: William Bradley “Brad” Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and film producer. Pitt has received two Academy Award nominations and four Golden Globe Award nominations, winning one. He has been described as one of the world’s most attractive men, a label for which he has received substantial media attention.


Second up it is Brad Pitt –

Brad Pitt Talks About Gwyneth Paltrow’s Severed Head To ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Magazine. Yesterday Brad Pitt grabbed a lot of headlines with his comments to Parade magazine about his uninteresting life back when he was married to Jennifer Aniston but today we learn that Brad is also featured on the cover of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine


Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling: Ryan Thomas Gosling (born November 12, 1980) is a Canadian actor and musician.


Ryan Gosling has also gotten into the celebrity gossip columns –

Ryan Gosling pulls gun on bad guy!. Time travel in movies is fantastic, especially when it puts a hottie like Ryan Gosling in 1940 s gangster-era gear!


Also worth mentioning:

“approved his name change from Ron Artest to Metta World Peace” – [Let’s Celebrate Ron Artest Officially Changing His Name To Metta World Peace! –]
“Lindsay Lohan reverted to her wild party girl days on Wednesday night when she reportedly hurled a glass at a photographer who was trying to take her picture and then threw a drink on another snapper later in the evening” – [Get Your Life Together: Lindsay “I Might Be Drunk Again” Blo-han Catches Fade With Paparazzi Throwing Glasses And Drinks At Folks –]
“Back in the ’80s, before Chastity Bono thought she was a guy, she attended the same high school with a young Jennifer Aniston, who would later go on to achieve fame and glory as the star of a little TV show called Friends” – [Photo of the Day: Chaz Bono and Jennifer Aniston in high school –]
“Kara Kennedy, the eldest daughter of former Senator Ted Kennedy, and sister of Patrick Kennedy, died suddenly on Friday, the family confirms. She was 51” – [Kara Kennedy, Ted Kennedy’s Daughter, Dies at 51 –]

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