Businesswoman Kim Kardashian shuts down the baby rumors: “give us a year” to have kids – and it’s Tuesday’s links

Right, what links are the most entertaining this Tuesday? Hmmm…, we’ve got Kim Kardashian, Justin Theroux, Beyonce, Paul McCartney and Rihanna all up to the usual. For starters, naturally, it is Kim –

Kim Kardashian shuts down the baby rumors: “give us a year” to have kids. I taped Kim Kardashian’s two hour wedding extravaganza last night and I had aspirations of watching it to at least get a perspective on the phenomenon that is this ubiquitously annoying family


Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles: also known as Beyoncé or Sasha Fierce


Second up it is Beyonce Knowles –

The Truman Show Did It Better. And note to Beyonce if she wants to shut down the conspiracy theorists: You’re due in February


Paul McCartney has also gotten into the media –

Bundchen, Bose and McCartney Make Short List for ‘Best Green Celebrity’ Award. Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundchen, Spanish actor and musician Miguel Bose and Beatle Paul McCartney have made the short list for the honor of Best Green Celebrity for the 6th International Green Awards


Also worth discussing:

“For the second time in less than a year, Rihanna flew to Barbados to attend the funeral of a family friend” – [Rihanna BREAKS From Tour To Attend A Funeral In Barbados –]
“Two tips came in claiming Liev Schreiber stepped out on Naomi Watts, with whom he has two kids, while shooting Mentalist in Australia” – [Liev Schreiber May Have Cheated on Naomi Watts –]
“Beyonce’s pre-taped performance of ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’ was introduced by Jackson’s three children, who all wore outfits reflecting different periods of Jackson’s career” – [Michael Jackson’s Tribute Concert (Video) –]

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