Linnocent is “delusional, clueless, surrounded by sycophants” says new report – plus Tuesday’s other links

OK, shall we have a look at what Tuesday has in terms of interesting links? Well…, there is Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Marc Anthony, Tyler Perry and Madonna all up to the usual. First, as you can imagine, it’s Lindsay –

Linnocent is “delusional, clueless, surrounded by sycophants” says new report. County Coroner turned away a dude who was delivering 36 fancy cupcakes to Lindsay Lohan and 35 of her closest friends at the morgue


Second of all it’s Jessica Simpson –

The Simpson Sisters & Bronx: Bumped From A Flight?. With a noticeably round belly, Jessica Simpson walked through LAX looking cheerful in a snug black top and leggings


Marc Anthony has also been mentioned –

Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down During Performance (Video). At which point she began performing Until It Beats No More, during which look-a-like dancers portraying Lopez herself, as well as ones of Diddy, Ben Affleck, Cris Judd, and her soon to be ex husband Marc Anthony



“Despite the fact that her last attempt at screen acting was in Disaster Movie, a film so shitty everyone who watched it ended up getting hepatitis A, Kim Kardashian somehow managed to land a role in an upcoming Tyler Perry movie, probably because she’s a Kardashian and Perry will try just about anything to get asses in seats to see Tyler Perry Presents Tyler Perry’s Tyler Perry of Tyler Perry starring Tyler Perry” – [Tyler Perry presents Kim Kardashian’s acting failure! –]
“Hollywood rumors are gasping at the news that MADONNA has a homeless brother living under a bridge somewhere in Traverse City, Michigan, nor far from Bay City where the Material Girl and her five other siblings grew up” – [MADONNA Has A Homeless Brother Living Under A Bridge Somewhere? –]
“I’m not sure if she is wearing a wig or not, but you can’t help but hate on someone like Scarlett Johansson who can pull off nearly any hair color and look amazing!” – [Scarlett Johansson goes brunette in Glasgow for new film –]
“But there was no mystery surrounding wife Demi Moore’s visit to the Two and a Half Men set Friday, sources say, as she and her reportedly estranged husband “seemed normal” an onlooker tells Us Weekly” – [Demi Moore Stops by Two and a Half Men Set –]
“Before her weekend concert, Jennifer Lopez showed no hint of the emotions that would be displayed on stage” – [Jennifer Lopez: I Cried at Seeing My Mom in Audience –]

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