Philip Treacy Is Just Messing With A Ho Now – and the links this Thursday

OK, what links are the most interesting this Thursday? Well, there is Philip Treacy, Nicki Minaj, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and Jay Z. First, naturally, it’s Philip –

Philip Treacy Is Just Messing With A Ho Now. It’s pretty obvious that Philip Treacy is a hat-making sadomasochist (hatomasochist?) who cackles himself into a jizz bust from seeing rich ass celebrities wearing a swirl of WHAT THE SHIT?


Second up it is Nicki Minaj –

New Video: Big Sean f/ Nicki Minaj – “Dance (A$$)”. In his brand new video, Big Sean sits on his throne as the Fresh Prince of A$$, while Nicki Minaj shows that she’s the queen of it


Jessica Simpson has also gotten into the celebrity gossip columns –

Jessica Simpson Says Weight Gain Helped Her Career. It’s no secret that Jessica Simpson has struggled with her weight in the past, but the singer/actress/whatever turned fashion mogul says that packing on pounds has only helped her career


The very best of the rest:

“As a heartbroken nation grapples with the devastating news that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are divorcing after only 72 days, Kathie Lee and Hoda were there to help pick up the pieces” – [Kathie Lee: Khloe Told Me at the Wedding That Kim’s Marriage Would Only Last 6 Months (VIDEO) –]
“*Now ex-husband Ryan Reynolds” – [OMG, she speaks: ScarJo on her nudie pics –]
“A year ago, reps were shooting down reports that anything was going on between Wilmer Valderrama and then 18-year-old Demi Lovato” – [Recycling Them Young Hoes: Wilmer “Can’t Get A Woman My Age” Valderrama Is Back To Chopping Down Demi Lovato’s Young Tender Loins –]

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