Weston Cage files for divorce from Nikki Williams: “Ladies, daddy is back!” – plus Thursday’s other links

OK, let’s see what Thursday has to offer in the way of links? Well, there’s Kim Kardashian, Brandon Teena, Madonna, Zooey Deschanel and Rihanna. To start with, naturally, it’s Kim –

Weston Cage files for divorce from Nikki Williams: “Ladies, daddy is back!”. Indeed, TMZ confirms the sad news of the demise of Weston and Nikki’s wedded bliss: Weston Cage’s marriage lasted THREE times as long as Kim Kardashian’s union but alas, it’s succumbed to the same fate


Brandon Teena
Brandon Teena: also known as Teena Ray


Secondly it is Brandon Teena –

Maury Just Dropped His Cards And Left The Stage For Good. I guess reenacting the bedroom sex scene of Boys Don’t Cry with her in the Chloe Sevigny role and Justin as Brandon Teena has always been on Mariah’s cum bucket list, because she went backstage


Madonna: also known as Madonna Ciccone, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (Catholic confirmation name), Esther (Kabbalah name)


Madonna has also been discussed –

William Orbit Tweets About Madonna’s New Album. Last week we learned new deets about Madonna’s new album, including the name of one of the tracks on the album



“New Girl is Fox’s new comedy about Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, living with three male roommates” – [New Girl Star Jake Johnson Talks to Pop on the Pop! – poponthepop.com]
“We told you yesterday that both Kelly Rowland and Rihanna were dealing with health issues, but now we can report that both fab ladies are doing better…well they’re at least getting back to work” – [FEELING BETTER: Kelly Rowland BOARDS Flight To London + Rihanna PERFORMS At Rescheduled Concert – theybf.com]
“She confesses that one of the reasons she has kept her short locks is because of 6-year-old Matilda’s late father, Heath Ledger” – [Michelle Williams’ Daughter Would Love For Her “To Grow Out The Cropped Hair” – www.celebritybabyscoop.com]
“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent Wednesday working on behalf of millions of famine-hit children in Africa – and donating funds that will send crucial medical help and food to ease the tragedy” – [William & Kate Speak Out for Africa on UNICEF Visit – www.people.com]

Image From: www.celebitchy.com

Image From: www.celebitchy.com

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