Thank Goodness: model Kim Kardashian Returns to Blogosphere – and let there be links!

So, what links are the most intriguing this Tuesday? Well…, there is Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, Madonna and Lady Gaga. First of all, as expected, it is Kim –

Thank Goodness: Kim Kardashian Returns to Blogosphere. Kim Kardashian may not actually appear in public again until New Year’s Eve, at least according to one source, but you didn’t think the reality star could actually remain out of the spotlight entirely, did you?


Second up it’s Gwen Stefani –

Michelle Monaghan & Willow: Harajuku Mini for Target Launch Party Arrival. Michelle Monaghan and her daughter Willow showed up at the launch party for Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini for Target at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, Calif


Jay-Z has also gotten into the press –

Jay-Z Pulls ‘Occupy All Streets’ Shirts From Website After Massive Outcry. Jay-Z was trying to capitalize on an anti-corporate greed movement by creating merchandise to increase revenue at his own corporation, his Rocawear clothing line


The best of the rest:

“Kim Kardashian was spotted departing Atlanta, GA over the weekend after shooting scenes for Tyler Perry’s new movie, “The Marriage Counselor” (how ironic) with Vanessa Williams. Surprisingly Kim seems to be in better spirits these days” – [Kim Kardashian Travels with Vanessa Williams –]
“Meryl Streep” – [OMG, the 2nd trailer: “The Iron Lady” –]

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