The return of businesswoman Kim Kardashian — to blogging – and let there be links!

So, what links are the most interesting this Wednesday? Well, there is Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z, Anna Kournikova, Justin Bieber and Laurieann Gibson. To begin with, not surprisingly, it’s Kim –

The return of Kim Kardashian — to blogging. Kim Kardashian has stayed out of the public eye since bailing out of her Australian trip in the middle of a promotional tour — but now the reality star is breaking her silence for the first time since announcing her split from Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage


Second up it is Jay-Z –

GQ Names Jay Z Man of the Year. GQ has named rap mogul Jay Z one of the magazine’s four Men of the Year


Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova: Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova (Russian: Анна Сергеевна Ку́рникова; born 7 June 1981) is a Russian retired professional tennis player. Her beauty and celebrity status made her one of the best known tennis stars worldwide, despite the fact that she never won a WTA singles title. At the peak of her fame, fans looking for images of Kournikova made her name one of the most common search strings on Google.


Anna Kournikova has also gotten into the media –

Anna Kournikova Off The Biggest Loser Due to Alleged Diva-Like Behavior. Anna Kournikova lasted about as long on The Biggest Loser as a guy would last in bed with this beaut


Also worth bringing up:

“There’s really nothing more to say here except for a heaping “fuck you” to my friend on IM who had to ruin this beautiful ginge on ginge moment by saying that Kathy’s sort of built like Justin Bieber and now I can’t unsee it” – [Open Post: Hosted By Kathy Griffin Wearing A Freckled Hand Bra In Out Magazine –]
“The superstar and her choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, have ended their creative relationship, reportedly after a “bitter fight.”” – [Lady Gaga & Choreographer Part Ways –]

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