Beyonce flaunts her now-huge baby bump in Cavalli: lovely & authentic? – and let there be links!

Right, what links are the most attention-grabbing this Tuesday? Well, we’ve got Roberto Cavalli, Lady Gaga, Blake Lively, Vanessa Minnillo and Kim Kardashian. First of all, naturally, it’s Roberto –

Beyonce flaunts her now-huge baby bump in Cavalli: lovely & authentic?. The dress is Roberto Cavalli – and I really dislike it


Second it’s Lady Gaga –

Lady Gaga’s Dad Gets 50% Of Her Money. From the frequency and tone with which she speaks of her father, it is blatantly obvious how much Lady Gaga adores her dad


Jay-Z has also been mentioned –

Beyonce’s ‘Live at Roseland’ Is For Her Fans … And Her Baby!. It may have been difficult documenting four concerts for her Live at Roseland DVD, but mom-to-be Beyonce Knowles hopes that it’ll all be worth it when her child with husband Jay-Z is one day be able to see the film herself



“Much is being said about the see-through dress Blake Lively wore to the Gossip Girl100th Episode party” – [Blake Lively Wears a See-Through Dress –]
“Four months after she tied the knot with Nick Lachey last summer, Vanessa Minnillo finally made things official – on Twitter” – [Vanessa Minnillo Becomes Vanessa Lachey on Twitter –]
“At the very least, Nicole Richie is just simply aging herself with bad hair – and too much foundation” – [Is it just me – or are Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe morphing into the same person? –]

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Image From:
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