Television personality Kate Gosselin Cruise: The Worst Idea Ever – and the links this Thursday

Right, what does Thursday have to offer? For starters, there’s Brad Pitt, Queen Latifah, Ashley Greene and Kate Gosselin all up to mischief in Hawaii, Manhattan and Quebec to name a few. First, naturally, it’s Kate –

There is a Kate Gosselin cruise


Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt: William Bradley “Brad” Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and film producer. Pitt has received two Academy Award nominations and four Golden Globe Award nominations, winning one. He has been described as one of the world’s most attractive men, a label for which he has received substantial media attention.


Second it’s Brad Pitt –

I mentioned the stupid “fashion cane” Brad Pitt was working at the New York Film Critics Awards in the Quickies yesterday, but I feel like I may have unintentionally suggested that he was using the cane simply as a fashion accessory by neglecting to mention that he actually does have some sort of foot injury at the moment


Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah: also known as Nomad, The Captain, Brett Hendrick, Roger Stevens, Weapon I


Queen Latifah has also been mentioned –

For Joyful Noise actress Queen Latifah, there is no question in her mind that she is ready to begin the process of expanding her family

The best of the rest:

“Ashley Greene of Twilight is looking sexy as hell in her DKNY photos” – []
“Brandy was on Wendy Williams’ Show this week and she cleared up rumors that her and Kim Kardashian didn’t get along on the set of Tyler Perry’s ‘The Marriage Counselor'” – []

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