Actress Blake Lively Has Only Slept With 4 Guys – and the hottest links of the day

So, what does Friday have to offer? Hmmm…, we’ve got Blake Lively, Leslie Carter, Britney Spears and Aaron Carter all up to mischief in Hollywood, London and Florida to name a few. First, naturally, it’s Blake –

Blake Lively was rumored to have been booted from Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effectsand replaced by Rooney Mara because financers went “what the, huh?”and backed out of the film when they found out she was set to star


Second up it’s Leslie Carter

New details have emerged in the “mysterious” death of Leslie Carter, and it appears the 25-year-old sister of Nick and Aaron Carter died as a result of an overdose


Britney Spears has also got into the press –

Her birthday is in April, but the last we really heard from her, Britney Spears’ little sis announced that she was 16 and pregnant

The best of the rest:

“Leslie Carter, the 25-year-old sister of Nick and Aaron Carter, suffered an apparent overdose according to a police report released Thursday” – []

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