Lindsay Lohan crashed her Porsche on Friday, and it’s already a cracktastrophe – and it’s Sunday’s links

Hi guys, another links summary for you here. We’ll be covering a lot of stories, including Kim Kardashian, Don Rickles, Barack Obama, Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian: Kimberly Noel “Kim” Kardashian (born October 21, 1980) is an American socialite, celebutante, television personality, model, actress and businesswoman. She is known for starring in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the E! reality series that she shares with her family, and its spin-offs including Kourtney and Kim Take New York.


Who’s first?? So, it’s Lamborghini and Kim Kardashian …
– Lamborghini Mercy, Your Chick Is So Thirsty: Kimmy Cakes Drops $750K On New Lambo For Yeezy’s Birthday from
– KIM KARDASHIAN Buys $750,000 Lamborghini Birthday Gift For Boyfriend KANYE WEST from

Republic of Ireland
Republic of Ireland: Ireland (/ˈaɪərlənd/ or /ˈɑrlənd/; Irish: Éire, pronounced  ( listen)) is a sovereign state in Europe occupying about five-sixths of the island of Ireland. Its capital is Dublin. The population of the state was 4.59 million in 2011. It is a constitutional republic governed as a parliamentary democracy, with an elected president serving as head of state. In the 1937 constitution, the name of the state is given as simply “Ireland”. The Republic of Ireland Act 1948 provides that “Republic of Ireland” (Irish: Poblacht na hÉireann) is “the description of the state”.


Don Rickles
Don Rickles: Donald Jay “Don” Rickles (born May 8, 1926) is an American stand-up comedian and actor. A frequent guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Rickles has acted in comedic and dramatic roles, but is best known as an insult comic.


We’ve seen quite a few mentions of Don Rickles and Barack Obama as well.
– 89-Year-Old Comedian Don Rickles Likens President Obama To Janitor: “He Was At The House Yesterday, But The Mop Broke” from
– Don Rickles Being Don Rickles from

Image From:

Been hearing about Lindsay Lohan and Liz Taylor? Snap!:
– Lindsay Lohan crashed her Porsche on Friday, and it’s already a cracktastrophe – “Lindsay Lohan totaled her car on Friday” – said
– Lindsay Lohan’s Pink Bag Of Secrets –
– Lindsay Lohan car wreck: Porsche loses to 18-wheeler –

New Zealand
New Zealand: also known as The Entertainment Capital of the World


Finally, how about Born This Way and New Zealand?
– Watch: Lady Gaga Seeming Responds To Madonna’s Recent Mockery Of ‘Born This Way’ – “Early last week we got to hear audio of Madonna seemingly mocking Lady Gaga’s song Born This Way in the wake of allegations that Gaga’s song is a rip-off of Madonna’s song Express Yourself” – said
– Watch: Lady Gaga Seemingly Responds To Madonna’s Recent Mockery Of ‘Born This Way’ –

Still want more? How about even more snaps…

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Image From:

Image From:
California: also known as The Golden State



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