Pregnant Snooki Hits a Club in New Jersey – and the links this Tuesday

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor: also known as Liz Taylor


Hi guys, another links summary for you here. We’ll be going over a lot of stories, including Sarah Palin, Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor.

Bristol Palin
Bristol Palin: Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin (born October 18, 1990) is the second child and oldest daughter of former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd.


Who shall we look at first?? OK, it’s Sarah Palin and God …
– Bristol Palin on her new reality show: “I have tough skin & I know that God is on my side” from
– Bristol Palin & “little terror” Tripp’s reality debut from
– Bristol Palin Reality Show Sneak Peek: I’m a Grounded, Normal Mom! from

Image From:

Image From:
James Deen
James Deen: James Deen (born February 7, 1986) is an American pornographic actor and director. He entered the porn industry in 2004 at the age of 18. He has gained attention due to his lack of resemblance to stereotypical male actors in the pornography industry.


Lindsay Lohan doesn’t appear to have been out of the gossip mags either:
– Lindsay Lohan told crack-lies to the police after her car accident, of course from
– James Deen And Lindsay Lohan Will Probably Bone On Camera from
– First Look: Lindsay Loham and Grant Bowler become Liz & Dick from

Image From:

Next are Jersey Shore and MTV.:
– Pregnant Snooki Hits a Club in New Jersey – “Nicole Polizzi headed back to the beach to begin filming the next season of MTV’s Jersey Shore, and true to tradition, she hit club Karma on Saturday night – for the cameras” – said
– Jersey Shore Season 6 is the Final Season? –

New Zealand
New Zealand: also known as The Entertainment Capital of the World


Let’s finish off by taking a look at Concussion and New Zealand.
– LADY GAGA Hit By Pole During Concert, Suffers Concussion (VIDEO) – “According to recent entertainment news, LADY GAGA was hit by a pole on the head during her concert in Auckland Region recently, causing her to suffer from a concussion” – said
– Lady Gaga Suffers a Concussion Onstage –

But hold on … there’s more … the very best of the photos…

Image From:

Image From:
Cleopatra: Cleopatra is a 1963 film directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. The screenplay was adapted by Sidney Buchman, Ben Hecht, Ranald MacDougall, and Joseph L. Mankiewicz from a book by Carlo Maria Franzero. The film starred Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison, Roddy McDowall and Martin Landau. The music score was by Alex North. It was photographed in 70 mm Todd-AO by Leon Shamroy and Jack Hildyard.



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