Ann Curry Has Heart But That’s Not Enough to Co-Host Today: Critic – plus Friday’s other links

Links, links – so many of them, so little time. Luckily for you I’m on hand to dig through them all. Today, we’ve got posts related to all sorts of things, such as Ann Curry, Matt Lauer, Barack Obama, Johnny Depp and Kelly Osbourne.

Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer: Matthew Todd “Matt” Lauer (born December 30, 1957) is an American television journalist best known as the host of NBC‘s The Today Show since 1997. He was previously a news anchor in New York City and a local talk-show host in Boston, Philadelphia, Providence and Richmond. He was also host of PM Magazine (or “Evening Magazine” 1980-1986) and worked for ESPN in the 1980s as a sideline reporter. In the early 1990s, Lauer hosted segments of HBO Entertainment News.


Who’s up first? OK, it’s Ann Curry and Matt Lauer …
– Ann Curry Has Heart But That’s Not Enough to Co-Host Today: Critic from
– Ann Curry Leaves Today Show With Emotional Farewell Speech from
– Ann Curry Officially off ‘Today’ from

Barack Obama


We’ve seen quite a few mentions of Barack Obama and NBC too.
– UPDATE: OBAMACARE Law Upheld by Supreme Court from
– Cashin’ Out: President Obama Drops $5 Million On Olympic Campaign Ads from

Image From:

Been hearing about Johnny Depp and Us Weekly? Snap!:
– Johnny Depp Wrecked Amber Heard‘s Happy Lesbian Home, Maybe – “For the past couple of months, there’s been rumors that Johnny Depp has been Edward Scissoring Amber Heard ever since VaJohnny broke up and there’s been more rumors that the two started getting horny for each other while shooting The Rum Diary two years ago” – said
– Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: Dating? –

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne: Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne (born 27 October 1984) is an English media personality, television personality, host, fashion designer, singer and actress, best known for being the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. She was thrust into the limelight after appearing on the reality series The Osbournes with her family, for which they won a 2002 Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Programme. She has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars, in which she and professional dance partner Louis van Amstel took third place, and has made forays into music, acting, theatre, writing, columnist and broadcast presenting.


Why don’t we finish off with a look at Kelly Osbourne and Breast cancer.
– Kelly Osbourne admits to getting drunk over distress at Jack’s MS diagnosis – “Still, one can understand why Kelly Osbourne would be particularly distressed at her brother’s diagnosis” – said
– Kelly Osbourne Got Drunk Because Her Brother Has MS –
– Kelly Osbourne drunk on a plane: The emotional baggage –

Still hungry for even more goss? What about some photos…

Image From:

Image From:

Image From:

Image From:

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