Disney Buys Lucasfilm! – and the links this Wednesday

Barack Obama
Barack Obama: also known as Barack Hussein Obama II,Barack


Hi guys, yet another links review for you here. We’ll be going over lots of stories, including Barack Obama, George Lucas, Taylor Swift and John Mayer.

Who’s up first? So, it’s Barack Obama and Republican Party …
– A conversation with former Obama aide, Karine Jean-Pierre from www.sheknows.com

Lucasfilm: Lucasfilm Limited is an American film production company founded by George Lucas in 1971,based in San Francisco,California. Lucas is the company’s current chairman and CEO,and Micheline Chau is the president and COO. The company is best known for producing the Star Wars films,and has also produced other box office hits,including the Indiana Jones franchise and American Graffiti. It has also been a leader in developing new film technology in special effects,sound,and computer animation,and because of their expertise its subsidiaries often help produce non-Lucasfilm pictures. Lucasfilm is set to move away from films and more into TV,due to rising budgets. On July 8,2005,Lucasfilm’s marketing,online,and licensing units moved into the new Letterman Digital Arts Center located in the Presidio in San Francisco. It shares the complex with Industrial Light & Magic and LucasArts. They are also best known for The Deep Note and THX. Lucasfilm has collaborated with the Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney Imagineering numerous times to create rides and attractions centered on Star Wars and Indiana Jones for various Walt Disney Parks and Resort attractions worldwide. Lucasfilm had planned an expansion at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County,CA,but shelved the plan due to opposition from neighbors. Lucasfilms plans to expand elsewhere.


George Lucas doesn’t seem to have been out of the gossip mags either:
– Disney Buys Lucasfilm! from icydk.com
– Disney acquires Lucasfilm from www.sheknows.com

John Mayer
John Mayer: also known as John Clayton,John Clayton Mayer


Next are Taylor Swift and John Mayer :
– Taylor Swift covers Cosmo, ‘I’ve never wasted too much time with the wrong person’ – “Taylor Swift covers the December issue, and I have to think that she must have pissed someone off” – said www.celebitchy.com
– Taylor Moves Swiftly – www.dlisted.com
– ChitChatter: Taylor Swift Says She Knows When To Show Her Boos The Door “I’ve Learned When To Get Out!” – bossip.com

But hang on … there is always more … the best of the pix…

Image From: www.sheknows.com

Image From: icydk.com

Image From: www.sheknows.com

Image From: www.dlisted.com

Image From: www.sheknows.com

Image From: theblemish.com

Image From: bossip.com

Image From: icydk.com

Image From: www.celebitchy.com

Image From: www.celebitchy.com

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