Cold World: Ne-Yo Sued By Former Baby Mama – plus Monday’s other links

Celebs up to the usual – it’s the perfect time for our links roundup. Lots of intriguing posts for you here, among them posts to do with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.

Utah: also known as Beehive State


Why don’t we begin with a glance at the blogs that have been writing about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez:
– Justin Bieber’s A Stoned Douchebag, And Back With Selena Gomez from
– In Young And Wild White Folks News: Justin Bieber’s Frenemies Claim He’s A Piff Puffin’ Punk Who ‘Smokes All Day’ from
– JUSTIN BIEBER And SELENA GOMEZ Photographed Kissing And Cuddling During Skiing Vacation In Utah from

Ne-Yo: also known as Shaffer Chimere Smith


We’ve seen quite a few mentions of Baby Mama (film) and Behind the Music too.
– Cold World: Ne-Yo Sued By Former Baby Mama from
– The Side Eye: Ne-Yo’s Fraudy Ex-Beard Sues Him For Spillin’ The Beans On Fake Baby Mama Drama from

Image From:
Eddie Cibrian
Eddie Cibrian: also known as Eddie,Edward Carl Cibrian


Next up are LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.:
– LEANN RIMES: EDDIE CIBRIAN And I “Both Hurt Each Other” During Our Affair – “In recent star news, LEANN RIMES shared that she and her husband EDDIE CIBRIAN “both hurt each other” too during their widely reported affair while married to other people” – said
– LeAnn Rimes Is Still Yap Yap Yappin’ –

But hold on … there’s more … the best of the photos…

Image From:

Image From:

Image From:

Image From:

Image From:

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