Rihanna–Up In The Club With Wale & Model Cara, Unveils Process Of Creating Her River Island Summer 2013 Collection – and the hottest links of the day

Rihanna: also known as Robyn Rihanna Fenty


It is links summary time yet again. We’ve got Chris Brown (American entertainer), Justin Bieber and Rihanna all coming under the microscope!

Graffiti: Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled,scratched,or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Stickers and other adhesives are not considered graffiti,apparently because they are less common. Graffiti ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings,and has existed since ancient times,with examples dating back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. In modern times,paint,particularly spray paint,and marker pens have become the most commonly used graffiti materials. In most countries,marking or painting property without the property owner’s consent is considered defacement and vandalism,which is a punishable crime. Graffiti may also express underlying social and political messages and a whole genre of artistic expression is based upon spray paint graffiti styles. Within hip hop culture,graffiti has evolved alongside hip hop music,b-boying,and other elements. Unrelated to hip-hop graffiti,gangs use their own form of graffiti to mark territory or to serve as an indicator of gang-related activities. Controversies that surround graffiti continue to create disagreement amongst city officials/law enforcement and writers who wish to display and appreciate work in public locations. There are many different types and styles of graffiti and it is a rapidly developing art form whose value is highly contested,reviled by many authorities while also subject to protection,sometimes within the same jurisdiction.


Who shall we look at first?? Well, it’s Chris Brown (American entertainer) and Twitter, Inc. …
– Chris Brown Lashes Out at Neighbors Who Complained About His Graffiti ‘Art’ from sandrarose.com
– CHRIS BROWN Responds To Neighbors’ Complaints Against Graffiti: “Get A F*cking Life” from anythinghollywood.com
– Congratulations!!! Monica (entertainer) Confirms She Is Totin’ A Gut Full Of Baller Hubby Shannon Brown from bossip.com

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez: also known as Selena,Selena Marie Gomez


Justin Bieber doesn’t seem to have been out of the gossip mags either:
– Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up AGAIN from icydk.com
– Survey says: Americans want Justin Timberlake as POTUS from www.sheknows.com
– Justin Bieber Does ‘The Simpsons’ (Video) from allieiswired.com

Image From: www.sheknows.com

Image From: allieiswired.com
Baby Mama (film)
Baby Mama (film): Baby Mama is a 2008 comedy film from Universal Pictures written and directed by Michael McCullers and starring Tina Fey,Amy Poehler,Sigourney Weaver,Greg Kinnear,Dax Shepard and Steve Martin.


Mother’s Day and Twitter, Inc. have been mentioned a fair bit too.:
– Where Is Kim Porter? Diddy Dotes On His Baby Mama (film) #2 For Mother’s Day – “Diddy was spotted having a nice Mother’s Day dinner out with the family on Sunday” – said bossip.com

Denim: Denim (which gets its name from the French city of N?mes) is a rugged cotton twill textile,in which the weft passes under two (twi- “double”) or more warp threads. This produces the familiar diagonal ribbing identifiable on the reverse of the fabric,which distinguishes denim from cotton duck. Denim has been in American usage since the late 18th century. The word comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called serge,originally made in N?mes,France,by the Andr? family. Originally called Serge de N?mes,the name was soon shortened to denim. Denim was traditionally colored blue with indigo dye to make blue “jeans”,though “jean” then denoted a different,lighter cotton textile; the contemporary use of jean comes from the French word for Genoa,Italy (G?nes),where the first denim trousers were made.


Why don’t we finish up with a look at Rihanna and Twitter, Inc..
– Rihanna–Up In The Club With Wale (rapper) & Model Cara, Unveils Process Of Creating Her River Island Summer 2013 Collection – “Rihanna–Up In The Club With Wale & Model Cara, Unveils Process Of Creating Her River Island Summer 2013 Collection Rihanna and Wale love to party it up” – said theybf.com
– RIHANNA Bares Sideboob In Revealing Denim Outfit (PHOTO) – anythinghollywood.com

But wait … there’s more … the very best of the photographs…

Image From: bossip.com

Image From: bossip.com

Image From: bossip.com

Image From: bossip.com

Image From: icydk.com

Image From: sandrarose.com

Image From: theybf.com


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